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Voice your Opposition to Bills That Encourage Illegal Immigration


Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform (MCIR)

Voice your Opposition to Bills That Encourage Illegal Immigration

With Election Day approaching, Massachusetts voters should be aware of the

danger that during the post-election “lame duck” session the state legislature may

try to enact two bills that would reward and encourage illegal immigration. One

bill (H3012/ S2641) would allow persons in the country illegally to obtain drivers’

licenses. The second (H3573/S1401) would obstruct cooperation between state and

local law enforcement and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in finding

and removing criminal aliens; it is called the “safe communities bill” by its

sponsors, whereas it can more accurately be described as a “sanctuary state” bill.

The Governor opposes both these bills.

Earlier versions of these bills were introduced periodically over the past decade,

but until the present session none were ever reported out of committee. Even

though Democrats outnumber Republicans by wide margins in both chambers,

most Democratic legislators realize that these bills have little grassroots support

and never allowed a floor vote.

In the background lurks the fact that legislative accountability is minimal in

Massachusetts. Not only is party representation badly unbalanced, but most

legislators never face contested elections. The sanctuary bill has 20 sponsors in the

40-member Senate, 15 of whom ran unopposed in the 2018 general election while

the drivers’ licenses bill has 11 sponsors, 6 of whom were unopposed. In the

elections next week only 8 senators of 40 will face an opponent. Shielded from

voter accountability, these legislators tend to be more responsive to highly

ideological and well organized supporters of radical measures than they are to the


The situation in the House is marginally different. The sanctuary bill has only 25

co-sponsors, 21 of whom ran unopposed. Of the drivers’ licenses bill’s 63

sponsors, 52 were unopposed. Still, 108 of the 160 members of the House will be

unopposed in the upcoming election.

Typically, the legislators conclude business by July and would now be awaiting the

voter’s verdict. However, due to the COVID crisis the session has been extended

indefinitely and it will probably continue until a new legislature is seated in

January 2021.

In what may well be a turbulent post-election environment, the proponents of pro-

illegal immigration bills may seize the opportunity to push wavering colleagues

into voting for laws that would not receive serious consideration in normal times.

In view of these risks, the Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform

(MCIR) is urging voters to make their voices heard:

- If your legislators are sponsors of these bills you can make your

disagreement known to them, even if they face no opposition;

- If your legislators are not sponsors and/or will face an opponent in the

election, it is even more important to let your senators and representatives

know that you oppose these bills and will be watching the “lame duck”

session carefully;

- If you do not know your legislators’ names, their contact details can be

found on the Massachusetts Legislature’s website

- If you prefer, you can contact MCIR directly (at for legislators’ names and contact details as

well as their record on these bills.

A list of sponsors is attached to this Press release and is also available

on MCIR’s website:

For questions regarding this Press Release contact:

John Thompson

Steve Kropper

List of house sponsors:

House Sponsors of Pro-Illegal Immigrati
Download • 238KB

List of senate sponsors:

Senate Sponsors of Pro-Illegal Immigrati
Download • 199KB

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