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Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform 



Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform

(December 2018)


1. The members of Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform (MCIR)
differ in their political viewpoints, but are united by their belief that record
levels of mass immigration into the U.S. in recent years, both legal and
illegal, have distinctly negative impacts on taxpayers, working Americans,
and on our environment and quality of life. Illegal immigration costs U.S.
taxpayers more than $100 billion a year at the federal, state and local
levels. In addition, the constant pressure on wages created by a mass influx
of low-skilled workers has significantly eroded the economic security of
working Americans. Finally, the relentless annual increase in our population,
which is largely driven by immigration, chews up open space, degrades our
environment, and creates ever-increasing crowding that degrades our quality
of life. For these reasons, the members of MCIR favor policies that will
sharply reduce immigration.  


2.  The MCIR is strongly committed to civility in the public debate of
immigration. Nothing said or done by MCIR should be construed as
advocating or condoning hostile actions or feelings toward immigrants,
illegal aliens or other foreign-born people.

3. The MCIR opposes any legislation or policy that would aid or abet illegal
immigration or encourage illegal aliens to move to Massachusetts, including
but not limited to in-state tuition, driver’s licensing, access to social benefits
and “sanctuary city” policies. MCIR will make every effort to prevent such
laws and policies from being enacted and to repeal those already enacted.

4. The Obama Administration’s attempted executive amnesty of November
2014 with issuance of work permits and access to social benefits, the post-
2012 de facto end to enforcement under prosecutorial discretion, and
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) are unacceptable. The new
Administration should rescind these and other relevant orders.

5. The highest immediate priority in 2019-20 should be to secure the U.S.
border with adequate enforcement.

6. Mandatory E-verify should be enacted on the Federal level -- Massachusetts
should enact mandatory E-verify on the state level.

7. The United States does not need "guest workers" or any other program to
provide employers with cheap labor -- there are more than enough
Americans willing and able to fill all jobs at decent wages.

8. America does not need to import tech workers. The U.S is still producing
enough skilled graduates in core STEM disciplines to fill industry needs
and already has an unlimited pool of technology trained
and experienced citizens constituting the world "best and brightest.”

9. Legal immigration should be reduced drastically and the criteria by which
legal immigrants are selected should be revised fundamentally.

10. “Chain migration” should be ended.

11. The current practice of “birthright citizenship” should be ended.

12. The current policy of resettling refugees and asylum seekers in the United
States should be critically examined.

13. We believe that the government should take all appropriate measures to
assure that no one takes advantage of the administrative backlog of asylum
requests in order to enter the country.

14. International agreements to promote free trade and investment should not be
used to circumvent immigration laws.

15. We are open to humane resolutions of cases of individuals who are in this
country illegally, but amnesty is unacceptable.

Henry Barbaro, the executive director of the Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform, said “tax dollars are a precious resource.”
“What is happening in Massachusetts is (an) entirely unsustainable expenditure of tax dollars. I think that there are plenty of poor and needy Americans that should come first,” he said. - Boston Hera

Our Mission

Call your State Representative & State Senator, tell them to vote against H.3573/S.1401. It’s not in the spirit of public safety for MA to criminalize law enforcement (including ICE) from working together to find criminals.

Our Mission

Our Vision

The members of Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform  (MCIR) differ in their political viewpoints, but are united by their belief that recordlevels of mass immigration into the U.S. in recent years, both legal andillegal, have distinctly negative impacts on taxpayers, working Americans,and on our environment and quality of life.

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